The Biggest New Movie Sites On The Net

By the time movies are available to hire in the DVD store or purchase off the net, they’re pretty old! If you like your film fresh, the only way to get truly new movies is to go to the cinemas. Today we check out some of the biggest sites across the net for getting information about new movie releases and movie news. However, don’t ignore the smaller niche sites – often the biggest movie news aggregators scour the web looking for true news from these smaller sites and you could find out something before even TMZ, ifyou’re lucky!

The Internet Movie Database

The Internet Movie Database gives you info about movies that are opening this week, as well as those coming in the new few months. If you are too broke for new movie release tickets, they’ll also let you know what new movies are out on DVD this week!

Yahoo Movies

You’ll get more in-depth information and trailers for new movie releases that have already made it to cinema shere, but nothing about movies that will be coming out in the future.

The Movie Insider

The site is pretty plainly designed, but you get exact dates for a whole heap of new movie releases coming up soon. Great for calendar planning – there is information up to 9 months in advance.

3 main categories of new movie info on this site – new to DVD, new movies In Theaters, and Coming Soon.The Coming Soon section is a little limited, but you’ll get reviews and trailers to help you decide which new movies will be best to watch.

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